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My work is the product of careful attention and persistent effort. For an effective assemblage, many considerations are necessary in order to effectively communicate with key audiences.

1)  Website homepage banners: for “ReaderStore.”” by Sony.
2)  Website App Download page: for “ReaderStore.”” by Sony.
3)  Promotional Event landing page: for GW&M.Gary’s Wine & Marketplace.
4)  HTML E-Mail optimized for desktop (sample): for Gary’s Wine & Marketplace.
5)  Holiday Gift Packs (Photography + Compositing):
for Gary’s Wine & Marketplace.
6)  Logo and Label Design: for Bottle Hill Cheese Co.
(Art Direction by Susan Guerra)
7)  Single-color emblem translated from multicolored painting: for Sunshine Yoga Life.

SEE MORE  —  Graphic Design for GW&M

SEE MORE  —  Web Page Design for Sony

Additional design samples are available in my separate portfolio – here.

In either digital or printed format — my work assumes the role of a seed, with great potential.
With proper placement, the work radiates to reach the intended audience.
Patience is necessary, though organic results are inevitable.

geometric seed of life


< CODE />

As a web developer,  I code HTML + CSS  by hand.  These two languages are the fundamental building blocks for everything rendered visible on the web, including emails.
I use jQuery  (javascript library) for enhancing web pages with subtle dynamic features, and have worked with php  (prominent in WordPress) to perform simple server-side logic.

HTML and CSS code by Patrick Prekel © 2016 HTML and CSS code

The code sample above was written to teach the basic structure of HTML and CSS.

geometric seed of life



I am an experienced creative photographer, capable of producing professional quality images in the natural / available light,  and with controlled lighting on occasion.

See more of my photos on flickr — or my mobile snaps on Instagram, @prekel

See pjprekel's photos on flickr See @prekel's photos on Instagram
geometric seed of life